How to get a new office building in the city’s north

It’s not uncommon to find a new building in a city in the suburbs that has become too expensive for a single person to afford.

But it’s not as common to find one that has no new office space available.

“It’s really hard to get something that’s new that hasn’t been vacant for a long time,” says Matt Rafferty, a partner with the architecture firm KPMG.

“But the thing that makes the project special is that the owners are really dedicated to getting it done.”

A new office tower in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne’s CBD could be the citys biggest project to date.

In its announcement of the plans last month, the state government said the plan was aimed at “promoting economic growth, job creation and investment.”

The project is expected to cost $12 billion.

It would be one of the largest new office developments in Australia’s history.

The plans call for a 45-storey building that would be built with a mix of office and residential uses.

The main building would be used for a range of purposes, including a restaurant and office space.

The project would be developed by Australian developer NAB Group, a company that is known for its large office projects in Sydney and Melbourne.

The company has also been behind projects in Melbourne’s inner west.

A new commercial office tower will be built at the site of the old Melbourne Hotel in the north-east.

This would be a new branch of the hotel.

Photo: Supplied The main project will be a 45 storey tower.

This new branch would be designed to accommodate up to 3,000 people, and include up to four levels of commercial space.

NAB’s development manager, Matt Raffery, said the project would provide a “new opportunity for a city with a large population to have a place to live”.

“We think this project is an important example of the kind of project that we can bring to the city of Melbourne in a new way,” he said.

“We have this fantastic opportunity to transform an old hotel into something that is a great example of what can be done with the new technologies that are being put into the building.”

The plans for the project have been around for some time.

In 2013, NAB released its vision for Melbourne’s future.

It said it wanted to build a new CBD office tower to replace the old Hotel Melbourne, which it said was “too big and overbuilt to accommodate the demands of the 21st century”.

The project was not completed.

But the firm is hoping the city will eventually want to replace its own hotel.

In 2019, Melbourne’s Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development said the city was seeking a new commercial development site for its proposed new headquarters.

Nab is hoping to build the project on the site that was previously used as a hotel.

It is also hoping to open a new restaurant and retail space.

“The project will offer the opportunity for Melbourne to establish itself as a leading city in Australia and be the global hub for international investment in Australia,” NAB said in a statement.

“This project will provide an excellent example of a city’s future and we look forward to seeing it develop into a new and dynamic centre of the Australian economy.”

NAB is working with Melbourne’s council on the project, which is expected in the first half of 2019.