Trump: ‘I’m going to have to make a decision’ on COVID-19 vaccine

The president is expected to make his decision on whether to go forward with a proposed new federal COVID vaccine during a Thursday visit to the Department of Health and Human Services.

Trump has said the plan, which he announced last month, is needed to protect people in the U.S. and overseas from the coronavirus outbreak.

He said Wednesday that the new vaccine would be tested on people who live in places like his golf courses, which has led to criticism of the plan as a burden for taxpayers.

The White House said it was confident the new CDC vaccine could be administered to all Americans without any adverse effects.

Trump also has a major infrastructure plan in the works that would help build out the country and get it ready for the presidential inauguration in January.

It would include a massive new border wall along the southern border, and it would build a massive water pipeline that would carry water from the U,S.

Gulf of Mexico to California.