How to get rid of a tree stump

The UK’s most popular garden has been transformed into a tree house and the work of local artist Tom Sainsbury.

The home was built by artist Tom Krawczynski for the family of Mr Sainsworth, who died in 2014.

Mr Sainsborough’s family moved to Newcastle from England in 1981 and it took years to build the home, which has a full kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Mr Krawcsynski told the Newcastle Herald newspaper that he wanted to create a “totally new” garden in his backyard.

He has worked on several tree house designs before and the one he has built will have an outdoor seating area.

Mr Hargreaves said it was important to keep the family involved.

“It was very important for us to have the family at the centre of it.

They were very involved with the design and the building,” he said.”

They’re very involved in the design of the whole thing.”

Mr Sainbury, who was a painter, had a passion for nature and enjoyed spending time with his family.

The family said they did not have any financial problems with the project, and the family was thrilled to see the work finished.