Painting by the Red Rock – a new feature on BBC Sport!

A new feature to BBC Sport’s online video service, BBC Sport: Red Rock is a brand new series of interactive video films that explore the history and landscapes of Australia’s red rock forests.

It’s a series of five films exploring how the Red Rocks are created, the process of creating them, the impact they have on people and wildlife, and what it means for their survival.

Each film is narrated by a local, with an in-depth look at their life in the red rock environment.

The first film, entitled Red Rock, will be released on Friday 6 September.

The second film, Red Rock II, will follow the next 10 years of Red Rock landscapes and features more than 20 interviews with key Red Rock figures, including the iconic Captain Andrew Jones and the legendary wildlife photographer Peter McConville.

The final film, The Last of the Red Rogues, will explore the final frontier in the Red rock landscape.

The last of the Rogues features an iconic scene of the legendary photographer Peter McGregor and his wife Alice, as they watch as they witness the Red Rush of 1924, one of the worst environmental disasters in Australian history.

You can watch all of the films on and BBC iPlayer.

A further 10 films will be available in the coming weeks.

If you’d like to get involved with BBC Sport Australia or its community projects, please email [email protected]

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