Which cities will dominate the new season?

The NFL season is just getting started.

With so many teams already in town, it can be hard to get an idea of how each of them will fare in the playoffs.

We took a look at the teams that have already started their 2016 campaigns, and we’ll give you a breakdown of the teams’ projected paths to the playoffs, as well as the biggest differences between the teams.

Here’s a look:The Eagles (8-5, 7-3) will enter the 2016 season as one of the NFC East’s favorites.

They’ll be one of only two teams who can claim that.

After winning the division in 2015, Philadelphia has won five straight since.

That includes a sweep of the Saints in Week 17 and a win over the Steelers in Week 24.

The Eagles’ win over Green Bay was the biggest of their 2016 campaign, and it marked the first time they’ve defeated a team with five wins.

The team’s win over New Orleans was also the first of two straight victories over teams that currently sit in the top eight in the NFC.

The defense, which is second in the league in yards allowed per game (4.2) and points allowed per play (10.0), is going to be a big part of the Eagles’ success.

In addition to giving Philadelphia an elite pass rush, the Eagles will have an experienced defensive front that will allow them to make plays when the clock is down.

They will also be able to run the ball with a new defensive coordinator.

It won’t be easy for the Eagles to win games, but they’ll be able get it done.

A look at which teams have won their last four games:The Saints (4-8, 2-8) will be the favorite to win their fourth straight season and second in three years.

After going 0-8 in 2015 and losing three of their last six games, New Orleans has won nine of its last 11.

The Saints are tied with the Steelers for the second-longest winning streak in the NFL, having gone 11 games without a losing record.

The defensive unit is in great shape, having surrendered just 12 sacks in its last seven games.

The offensive line, which ranked fourth in the AFL in 2016 with an average of 3.6 TFLs per game, will be a major factor in New Orleans’ success, as the unit was one of New Orleans’s best in the regular season.

The backfield will be key to New Orleans success, with quarterback Drew Brees leading the way with 5,067 passing yards, and a whopping 8,819 rushing yards.

The secondary, which finished fifth in the AFC with 21 interceptions last season, will have a lot of competition for playing time as the Saints try to get back to the postseason.

The Texans (4 of 9, 1-8), who are currently tied with Seattle in the division standings, will try to turn things around this season.

Houston has won four straight, but it hasn’t been without a hitch.

The Texans are tied for the league lead in interceptions with 11, but only three of those have come in the last six weeks.

After losing their final three games, the Texans will be one game away from matching their season total.

The offense, which was ranked as the best in football last season (3rd in passing yards per game) with 4,077 yards, should be a factor.

The running game, which averaged 2.9 yards per carry in 2016, will also need to be up to par to allow the team to run with the ball more frequently.

The Titans (6-6, 3-6) will try their best to make a run at the playoffs this season, but with the AFC South locked up, there will be plenty of competition.

The Chiefs will be in a tough spot as they attempt to win a wild card berth, but should be able put up points in the process.

The Colts (6 of 8, 0-9) have a chance to make the playoffs for the first to fifth time in the team’s history.

After finishing 3-10 in 2016 and missing the playoffs by one game, the Colts will be looking to start a new era with a win against the Browns.

The Colts offense struggled last season with an NFL-worst 7.5 yards per attempt, but that was an average for the team.

The biggest difference this year will be with the running game.

The rushing attack has improved in recent weeks, with both Melvin Gordon and Tevin Coleman leading the charge.

The quarterback position will be very important for the Colts to win this season and the playoffs as well.

The Cardinals (4th in the Cardinals’ division standings) won their first four games and will have to make do with a few injuries.

The loss of Michael Floyd will hurt, but veteran cornerback Patrick Peterson should be one for the ages.

The wide receiver position is going back to basics as well, with Michael Floyd, Larry Fitzgerald and John Brown rounding out the Cardinals receiving corps.

The tight end position