How to find a good anime landscape

The best anime landscape and anime cafe locations in Melbourne.

Article Posted November 15, 2019 00:00:00A great place to start for anime lovers in Melbourne is the great anime landscape, which is a map of the city with the top 100 anime themed restaurants, cafes, shops and cinemas in the city.

But, in my opinion, the best anime cafe and landscape is a place like Nijigahara’s Nijiki, in the heart of the CBD.

With its stunning view of Melbourne’s skyline and vibrant colours, it is easily one of the best places in Melbourne to start watching anime.

Nijiki is one of those places that will always be on your radar.

The space is big, it has a very well-equipped anime cafe, and it’s easy to get a seat for free.

The place is located on the corner of George Street and Main Street in the CBD, a few minutes walk from the CBD train station.

The cafe’s decor has a simple yet elegant design that complements the place.

It’s not the most expensive place in Melbourne, but Nijiri has a big selection of anime films and anime merchandise to choose from.

Its a great place for those who like to browse and discover anime and manga.

The atmosphere of the place is laid back and welcoming, which adds to its appeal.

If you want to enjoy a good meal and watch some anime while eating out, Niji has your number.