How to design an amazing garden

Landscape designer Sarah Mottram recently shared a few of her top tips for creating an outdoor space that will be more inviting to the neighbors.

“When you’re walking around the house, it’s hard to know where the neighbors are, and the whole thing has to feel like a little adventure,” she said.

“When you have an outdoor garden, you can tell the neighbors you’re the one who has the most fun and has a big garden.”

Mottram’s garden is one of several she’s creating to help others enjoy their garden in a more intimate setting.

“I love seeing a landscape with more people, especially families, and you can also have more of an intimate vibe,” she told The Washington Post.

“I’ve also seen people in groups of four, with kids and people on bicycles, which is really nice for families.”

Mackay said that in many ways, she’s looking to expand the garden by creating more space for the gardeners and the family-friendly vibe.

“You want the environment to feel inviting, but also to be accessible to the kids, so I’m trying to do a little bit more of both,” she explained.

“The more I can get them in, the more I’ll enjoy the experience.”

Micki Lee is a freelance writer and writer-in-residence at the Washington Post’s National Geographic Society.

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