5 things to know about the brightview landscape truck

The Brightview landscape trucks offer a variety of landscaping options, including a full-size treehouse, a small deck, a two-story deck and even a deck with a walkway.

The company, based in Los Angeles, also offers a series of full-scale cabins with different sized rooms for rent.

Brightview’s truck, which costs $3,000, comes with a trailer that can be converted into a three-bedroom or two-bedroom.

The trailer can be parked in the cabins, or a small shed in the back.

The front cabin can be equipped with a kitchen, bathroom and/or living area.

In addition to offering a variety a wide variety of options for landscaping, the Brightview trucks have the ability to offer the kind of amenities that make them a good value for their price tag.

In addition to being able to provide a lot of amenities, Brightview’s cabins are also capable of offering some great amenities.

The company offers a large-format home with a spacious living room, dining area and a fireplace.

It also offers an area that can hold a dining area, but there is no seating area, although the company offers tables.

It offers a deck that can house a deck, but no sleeping area.

It can be configured to include a kitchen or a separate kitchen and a living area, a shed, or even a walk-in pantry.

The truck has the ability for a laundry room and a laundry basket, which are both included with the trailer.

The lighting can be turned on or off, and the cabin has a large window.

The Brightview truck has a deck and kitchen, but it doesn’t have any seating.

The cabin has a window.

The kitchen and dining area are located in the rear.

The cabins can hold one or two people.

The living area can hold four people.

The trailer has a full kitchen, living room and dining room.

The sleeping area can be divided into a separate bedroom, a bathroom and a pantry, and there is a small porch.

The living area is split into a bedroom and a bathroom.

The kitchen has a living room.

The bathroom has a separate bathroom.