How do you know if you need a fence? | What are the factors? | Fence: How to find one and when to buy it

Fence and fences are an essential part of any landscaping, but their safety depends on a few things.

A fence is a structural barrier that must be maintained for a minimum of 50 years to prevent erosion, which is not a trivial task.

In India, there are around 100,000 fences built each year, and they are used in many different places.

But what are the major factors that determine the safety of fences? 

What are the benefits and risks of fencing? 

The benefits of fencing are obvious.

It reduces erosion and keeps the soil fertile.

It also increases the density of the soil by keeping the vegetation in a stable shape. 

What is the downside? 

Fences can easily cause erosion, especially if they are not properly maintained.

A few years ago, a few people who built a fence on their front lawn in a small town in northern India lost their footing because of the lack of maintenance and fell to their death. 

Fence and its benefits, however, can also come with some serious risks.

Fence design is an extremely complex issue and requires extensive knowledge of different factors to ensure its effective. 

 In fact, there is no single fence that will work for every place.

Fence design can be done using different types of materials and technologies. 

To improve fences in India, the government has started setting standards for the construction of new fences.

This is one of the key things that has made fencing an attractive option for many people in India. 

Here is how to find a fence in India:1.

What are you looking for? 

An easy question to answer is ‘how much money do you have to spend on fence?’

Fence designs in India are based on the budget and the needs of the community.

In the case of a house or a garden, it is the budget that is most important.

The budget for a fence is usually around Rs 2 lakh per metre.

For the house, the budget for the fence is around Rs 5 lakh per metres. 

If you are thinking of buying a fence, think of the costs. 


What kind of fencing will I be looking at? 

A fence is one structure that is placed on the ground and is maintained by the use of electricity, heat, and water.

The cost of a fence depends on many factors, including its size, design, size of its footing, and its age.


When will I get a fence built? 

When will you receive a fence made?

Fences are usually made in a couple of weeks.

The fence must be able to stand on its own, and the quality of the fencing must be up to par with the best in the world. 


How do I know when I need a new fence? 

If a fence needs repair, the person who makes the fence needs to notify the authorities in the town where it is made.

The person who builds the fence also needs to ensure that it is built according to the specifications. 

The person who receives the fence then needs to be prepared to pay for the repair work and the installation of the new fence. 


How long do you need to keep the fence?

The length of time that a fence must stay is usually set by the government.

A minimum of 20 years is the norm.

For houses and gardens, it may be less than 10 years. 


Will I be able use the fence on the street? 


A lot of people in the city cannot access the neighbourhood and there is a strong fear of encroachment of the fence.

It is best to leave the fence in place if you are planning to leave your house in the morning or in the evening. 


Do I have to keep my fence?


It needs to stay where it was built.

It can be placed wherever the area is safe.

Fences should not be used in the open, and when people leave their houses, they should always keep the fences in place. 


When can I expect to see my fence repaired? 

Once a fence has been constructed, it must be repaired at the latest within 20 years.

It may take up to five years before it can be repaired. 


Can I see my fences repaired?


Fencing is made in different stages, and you should not expect a fence to be fixed in one place.

If a fence cannot be fixed, it can only be removed and replaced at a later stage.

Fires can also be damaged during construction. 


Do fences last for longer than people think? 

In India, people do not generally expect to live in homes with a fence.

However, many people still have their fences in their houses. 

How much is a fence worth? 

There are different kinds of fences.

Some fences can be installed for a relatively small sum and can be easily repaired and