When a giant volcano erupts in Spain – RTE

A giant volcanic eruption is threatening Spain’s tourism industry, as tourists flocked to its famous lava rock landscape.

The eruption of Mount Etna in April 2015 destroyed a section of the Spanish Riviera town of Cadiz, and has left the area littered with debris and damaged buildings.

It has also led to the closure of several tourist areas.

The country’s tourism authority, FES, said last week it had issued a warning for visitors to a nearby hilltop resort to avoid the volcanic ash, as well as to avoid areas where the lava flow was present.FES said that it had also advised tourists not to visit a nearby lava cave, because of the risk of falling and being injured.

It warned of “serious risks” for the eruption of Etna, which could lead to an explosion.

The volcano is a popular destination for visitors, with hundreds of thousands of people visiting its famous rock formations each year.

The volcanic activity has been blamed for a number of natural disasters in recent years, including earthquakes and landslides.