2nd week of winter storms in Texas, Georgia

2nd and 3rd days of winter weather in the Southland with a heavy mix of snow, ice and hail hitting parts of Texas and Georgia.

The first three days were the worst of the three days with highs of 40 and 38 degrees in some areas, according to the National Weather Service in Houston.

Parts of Texas were under 1 foot of snow and a storm watch was in effect for parts of Georgia.

The National Weather Services said the heaviest rainfall in the state has been on the Gulf Coast, where the storm dumped about 3 inches of snow.

“The storm is not expected to move south for the next few days and the storm is expected to develop into a snowstorm and a rainstorm with some accumulations that could reach 1 foot or more,” the NWS said in a statement.

More to come.

Which landscaping software is best for landscape design?

Landscaping has long been considered a complex task, and there are lots of options.

There are many different types of landscape designs that can be used for your home, but the best tools to use are those that focus on design, not construction.

Here are the best landscape design tools available today.

What are landscape design software options?

Landscapes can be designed in many different ways.

In the past, landscape designers have had to make decisions based on the features they were able to obtain from a particular application.

Today, we have many different applications available, all designed to help landscape designers design their designs.

Some of the most popular are: 1.

Sculpture: This is the simplest and easiest way to design a landscape.

Sculpter can create large, complex images with your own image and color palette.

This application has a lot of features for the designer, and it’s the most common landscape design tool.

Its main advantage is that it’s free, but you can also purchase it for $20 per year.


Inkscape: The most popular landscape design program for landscape designers, Inkscanvas is an open source, cross-platform, open-source design tool, with many different programs to choose from.

Inkcanvas uses Adobe Illustrator, but it also has a variety of other design tools that can also be used to design your landscape.


Krita: A great free landscape design application, KritA is a vector drawing program.

Krait is another popular landscape designer program, but this program has also been available for a while.


Inventor: This program is for landscape architects, and its main purpose is to allow them to build their own software tools.

It allows you to create a new landscape design file, and to save the file to a directory on your computer.

The program also has the ability to import a file to your computer for export, and you can share your designs with others.


Cropy: This free landscape designer is a free version of Crop Studio.

It has an image editor and you have the ability for different types and sizes of the image you want to crop.

You can also share your creations with your friends, or post them to Facebook or Twitter.

It’s a great free program to learn about.


Scratch: This amazing free landscape maker allows you take your own pictures, add text, and make them into beautiful, animated landscape art.

Scrap can be installed on Windows or Mac, and is a powerful free tool that can make landscapes even better than if you had designed them yourself.


CuteTiles: This beautiful free landscape tool lets you create beautiful, interactive landscapes that are free to use.

CUTETiles lets you design and share your landscape using a variety different applications, and can also help you with building your own designs.


Scenery Designers: A free program that allows you the ability design and design your own landscape, from scratch, using many different tools, such as Paint, Illustrator and Photoshop.

If you’re a landscape designer, this program is a great way to learn more about creating landscapes.

If your looking for a more advanced program to help you design landscapes, check out the list of free landscape software applications.

Which landscape software is right for me?

You might want to look into several different types or applications for your project, but for your own personal use, one of the best options is Sculptor.

This free tool lets designers create large-scale images with many features, including: 1: A built-in grid view.

You see your landscape in a grid, and your designer can quickly see where you want your design to go. 2: A landscape toolbox.

You have access to a lot more than just the tool box, like the ability edit the layers in your design, which is great for landscape art and design projects.

3: Multiple layouts.

You don’t have to design each individual tile, and the program has several layouts to suit different layouts.

4: A zoom feature.

Scritt can create zoomable maps, which will allow you to see your designs better.

5: You can edit landscape images directly from the program.

This is a good way to share your creation with your family, or friends, who can then take a closer look.

6: Multiple backgrounds.

The designer can customize your designs and background colors to match your needs.

7: The ability to create multiple images at once.

You’ll also have the option of importing images from the Sculptors online gallery to make your designs more attractive.

8: A lot of landscape design features.

Scrubber can do all sorts of landscape work, and Sculpto can create simple landscapes for artists to use as wallpaper.

You might also want to check out these free landscape tools: 10 best landscape