Which design ideas will capture the eye of your guests?

The answer to that question may surprise you, but it’s an important one.

Designs that capture the attention of your audience are often the ones that most likely inspire them to come back again and again.

Here are eight of our favorite design ideas that capture your guests’ attention.1.

A large, bold, colorful portraitThe perfect canvas for a splash of color on the walls of your home, office or even a conference room.

This simple, bold design is perfect for any room, even if you’re just showing off a few walls.2.

A colorful splash of red and goldIn this creative, geometric design, you have your very own splash of light.

With this design, the red and blue color combinations are joined by a solid red gradient and a solid gold gradient.3.

An elegant, minimalist designYou can’t go wrong with a simple yet stylish design.

This design, which can be created in a few minutes, features a classic shape with geometric lines and geometric lines at the edges, a very simple grid design, and bold lines and colors.4.

A unique, modern designA timeless design that is a perfect combination of classic shapes and modern styles.

This timeless design is especially great for home décor and has a very clean, clean line and color palette.5.

An innovative, modern styleWith this simple design, there’s no need to be too careful when designing a space.

It has an unusual, modern look that’s perfect for a casual home déclaration.6.

A modern design that captures the imagination of your customersThe bold lines, bold colors and bold text on this design really capture your customers’ attention and inspire them.7.

A contemporary, simple designThe modern style is perfect to use when you want to give your home a modern feel and create a memorable, modern environment.

This modern design has a minimalistic look with an elegant, clean, modern layout.8.

A bold, bold and bolded designYou have the opportunity to show off your design, but you don’t have to.

This bold and colorful design is ideal for a home décoration or a corporate event.9.

A simple, elegant designThis simple, modern, geometric, minimalist, and retro design is just perfect for your home or office.

The colors are bold and simple, the lines are minimal and the grid is elegant.10.

A clean, simple, retro designThis elegant, simple and geometric design combines clean lines and clean lines at an elegant and modern feel.

It’s perfect when you’re decorating your home.